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Leading wholesale supplier of plant based protein solutions - helping you power your food of the future.

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Power up your product

Supercharge food or beverage products with our diverse range of protein rich powders made from pulses, seeds, grains, or pseudocereals. Available in both human and pet grade.


Turn up the crunch

Pack a protein punch with every crunch. Ready to eat protein crisps.


The meat substitute favourite

It looks like meat, feels like meat, but it’s actually made by plants. The protein content of textured proteins rivals meat, and the fibrous, spongy structure mimics meat and poultry.


Leading supplier of plant based proteins

Protein by Plants offers a broad range of plant based protein solutions for any application. As a subsidiary of BRC accredited Impulse Trading, we have established relationships worldwide with leading protein manufacturers and food innovators. This enables us to deliver you the most trusted and efficient supply chain.

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