Protein Powders

Our plant-based Protein Powders are an excellent way to increase the protein content of your food, beverage and pet food products. One of the easiest to apply formats, protein powders have a neutral flavour and vary in solubility.

Our Range Of Powders

Our Protein Powders are available as an isolate or concentrate, organic or conventional from various sources of varying protein percentages, micron levels and solubility. See below our range Protein Powders and suggested Applications.


Protein powder from Pulses & Rice

  • Protein Powders are available from:
    – Brown Rice
    – Chickpeas
    – Faba beans
    – Lentils
    – Lupins
    – Mung beans
    – Peas
    – White Rice
  • Available in Concentrate or Isolate
  • Protein content range 50% – 90%
  • Fermented and/ or Sprouted
  • Hydrolysed and 100% Water Soluble
  • Available in Organic & Conventional
  • Origins: China, EU, USA, Pakistan

Protein powder from Oilseeds

  • Protein Powders are available from:
    – Chia seed
    – Flaxseed (Linseed),
    – Hemp seed
    – Pumpkin seed
    – Sunflower seed

The protein concentrates are derived by finely milling and sieving the meal post pressing for oil extraction

  • Protein content range 18% – 80%
  • Raw and/ or Toasted
  • Available in Organic & Conventional
  • Origins: China, EU, USA, Canada

Protein Specialities

  • Protein Powders are available from:
    – Chlorella
    – Carob
    – Oat
    – Peanut
    – Sacha Inchi
    – Watermelon Seed
  • Protein content range 40% – 80%
  • Available in Organic & Conventional
  • Origins: China, EU, USA



Protein concentrate powders are produced by removing soluble carbohydrates and some of the flavour compounds from defatted plant meal, then spray dried to produce high protein powders. Protein content ranges from 30% to 85% depending on the plant
source and the amount of processing.


Protein isolate powders are produced by solubilising the protein, then centrifuged to separate protein from other components such as water insoluble polysaccharides. The protein solution is then spray dried. Protein content is 90% or more.

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